PT. Abadi Baru Teknikatama


Sell ​​Low Price Magnet Unibor Drilling MachinesWe, PT. Abadi Baru Teknikatama is a company that sells Unibor magnetic drill machines at cheap prices with the most complete choice of various types of Magnetic Drilling Machines / Magnetic Drilling Machine Unibor brand. Unibor is the brand name of a series of high-quality engineering and products manufactured by Universal Drilling and Cutting Equipment - a company with a track record of excellence for 35 years worldwide. We provide various types of unibor magnetic drilling machines such as Unibor Type E-35N Magnet Drilling Machines, Type WS-4500M, Type WS-6000M, Type E-100, etc. Buy a magnetic drill machine for cheap prices now through us for shipping throughout Indonesia for all your needs, stores, companies or industrial segments.
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