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Welding Machine CNC Professional Gantry Cutting Machine
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13 Jun 2019
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Specification of

  • Gantry with annealed steel structure and welded structure.
  • Steady operation and durable in heavy load and high duty cycle.
  • Gapless gearing transmit, stable and smooth running in high speed, fine surface quality.
  • Automatic height controller keeps the distance between the cutting torch and work pierce realizing the best cutting quality
  • Improve cutting efficiency by low operating and maintenance cost, user friendly and easy to learn to operate the machine.
  • Effectively save materials by automatic programming, optimization nesting and piercing path performed by FASTCAM profiling software in combination with Hypertherm Micro EDGE CNC control system .
Track Width3000mm – 10000mm
Cutting SpeedOxy – fuel : 50 – 750mm/min, Plasma : 50 – 5500mm/min
Effective Cutting Width (X axis)0.8m less than track width
CNC Control SystemHypertherm Micro EDGE
Effecti Cutting Length (Y axis)2m less than track length
Cutting Torch Number2 -4Torches or Customization
Drive ModeDouble drive servo motor
Torch Lifting Distance150mm
Free Running Speed9000mm/min
Cutting ThicknessOxy – fuel : 5 – 150mm, Plasma : 1 – 80mm

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