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Welding Machine CNC Light Gantry Cutting Machine
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13 Jun 2019
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Specification of

  • Light gantry CNC cutting machine is economical and practical cutting machine. Besides all the features of traditional medium and advance CNC gantry type cutting machine, it is also characterized by replacing the traditional box beam with new high-tech materials.

  • Precision is ensured by adopting optical transverse linear guide rails and high intense longitudinal guide rail, which greatly decreases the cost and guarantees the cutting precision. It well recognized by users.

  • Flame and Plasma applications can be performed in 1 machine as compound CNC cutting machine at economic investment cost.


Track Width3000 – 4000 mm
Cutting SpeedOxy – fuel : 50 – 750mm/min, Plasma : 50 – 5500mm/min
Effective Cutting Width (X axis)0.8m less than track width
Control SystemAupal CNC Control System
Effecti Cutting Length (Y axis)2m less than track length
Cutting Torch Number1 -4Torches
Drive ModeDouble drive stepper motor
Torch Lifting Distance150mm
Free Running Speed9000mm/min
Cutting ThicknessOxy – fuel : 5 – 150mm, Plasma : 1 – 40mm

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