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Air Magnetic Drill Airbor 2
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Specification of Air Magnetic Drill Airbor 2

Air Magnetic Drill AIRBOR 2

Safe Permanent Magnet : A mechanically operated magnet has a 650kg clamping force and is designed with a simple but highly effective mechanical interlock that prevents the motor from running unless magnet is activated.
Air Motor: The drive is from a compact but very powerful pneumatic motor providing enough power to all possible applications through a proven arbor and mounting system.
Integral Cooling System: This arbor also features an integral hole to allow the cooler to feed to the cutter, further reducing the risk of triggering or overheating - the coolant may be gravity fed or pressurized.
Anti-static Piping: Installed as standard, this further reduces the risk of triggering.
Lightweight: Only 13Kg, this unit is easy to carry by people and compact for easy maneuvering on workpiece.
Standard Accessories: Handbags, Allen locks, Security protectors, oil bottles, cutting oils.

AIRBOR Model 2
Cutting capacity 12 - 50 mm
No. Load Speed ​​400 mm
Stroke 125 mm
Air Consumption 30 cfm
Air pressure 6.3 bar
Clamping strength 650 kg
Air ducts 3/8 "Female BSP thread
13Kg drilling machine weight

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