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PT. Abadi Baru Teknikatama (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Our company was founded in 1978 by Pak Angtar Wijaya starting as a traditional retail store called UD. ABADI's sales tools and technical equipment at Pasar Turi - Surabaya to supply the retail industry needs in the private sector and government projects. In 1994 CV. ABADI BARU MANDIRI was formed as the initial manifestation of a new generation in our company by developing products in the field of steel construction equipment in particular, and we opened the first branch office in Jakarta since 1997.

Along with the dynamic growth in the industrial market, our company continues to grow and develop as a major supplier for the needs of industry and the trade sector in Indonesia with the mission of "Providing solutions to improve efficiency and productivity". In 2010 PT. ABADI BARU TEKNIKATAMA was formed to support the company's vision and mission to continue to grow and outline so that the company becomes part of an industrial partner that is fully committed to providing products, technical support and quality solutions for its customers. With a dynamic management concept, quality and innovative products, human resources are trained to provide good after-sales services that contribute to the growth of our company as a good industrial partner for its customers.

The line-up of products offered by our company currently includes: Machine Tools, Welding & Cutting Systems, Painting Equipments & Metalworking Machinery. Every product we offer has gone through a rigorous quality selection process and is supported by an after-sales program to increase efficiency and profits for our customers. Our ongoing commitment to supply good quality products accompanied by technical support for each customer to build lasting relationships and customer satisfaction with the products and services offered as the main subjects in our company's goals. We hope to continue to build strong and close relationships with each customer to grow better in the future simultaneously and to contribute to national industrial growth in Indonesia.


Menjadi perusahaan yang handal & terpercaya daam bidang Alat Teknik.


Memberikan solusi untuk meningkatkan efisiensi dan produktivitas.


PT. Abadi Baru Teknikatama bergerak dalam bidang Industrial Tool, Welding & Cutting Equipment, Painting Equipment and Production Machinery Equipment. Jual Mesin Bor Magnet Magnetic Drilling Machine, Magnetic Core Drill Machine, Low Profile Magnetic Drilling, Magnetic Drilling & Tapping Machine, Magnetic Drilling & Tapping Machine. Selain itu, kami juga menyediakan berbagai jenis Mata Bor.


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